20 Amazing Feathered Bangs Hairstyles for Females


One beautiful thing about feathered bangs is that they have been on the scene for years and a favorite of many women. 

If you are still looking to catch the fashion train and rock a feathered bang, you might be surprised by how many styles you will find online, in your magazine, or in your favorite salon.

Avoid getting lost or confused yet, because we have a catalog of the best 20 feathered bang styles to suit your face and style!

Before then, let’s tell you why you should rock some feathery bangs if you haven’t before.

  • Feathered bangs are easy to style and maintain. You can look amazing with a little touch. Feathered bangs don’t take up as much space as full bangs, but they create a stylish image.
  • You can blend feathered bangs with several styles and haircuts, regardless of their length. Feathered bangs look great when added to pixie cuts, short bobs, and shoulder-length cuts.

Let’s get on to explore the best feathered bangs for you to rock on your next visit to the salon. 

Elegant Feathered Undercut Pixie

Photo Credit : @DEMETRIUS

Pixies have been trending for decades, and they gain more popularity from one year to the next. This style is a combo of a Pixie undercut and feathered bangs to produce a classy and chic look. If you love short hair, this sexy style is perfect for you. You can switch between classy and punk rock with a few swishes of your comb or brush. 

For a more emphasized style, you can highlight the bangs slightly and make the undercut dark.

Short Feathered Bangs with Choppy Shag 

Photo Credit : Pinterest

Short feathered bangs are great for a chopped and layered short shag. This style is amazing for persons with large foreheads because it spreads across the head and takes the focus off the forehead.

The choppy shag is one style that has lived through the 80s and 90s and remains relevant in modern female fashion.

Asymmetrical Feathered Bangs 

Photo Credit : @hairmakesupbee

Sweep a feathered bang to one side and create a beautiful addition to short hair that sits at the back of the head, leaving the neck open to admiration. Feathered bangs turn the simplest haircuts into unique looks for all seasons. You can also add few highlights to the bangs or entire hair for additional texture.

Long Feathered Bangs with Flipped Ends

Photo Credit : @beautybyjordd

Long feathered bangs frame the face beautifully and add length to the entire hair. The bang strands extend to either side of the face length-wise, refreshing an otherwise simple or rounded look.

Long Feathered Bangs with Edgy Mob

Photo Credit : @elyserox00

If you aim to achieve a grungy look with your hair, a mullet lob combined with feathered bangs will fit perfectly. The additional layered bang makes the thick strands look light and weightless. 

To achieve this look, cut the strands carefully, leave the shortest ones at the back of your head and the longer ones hanging towards your temple.

Feathered Bangs on Cute Pixie 

Photo Credit : @Katerinedrewsalon

With proper styling, you can emphasize the pronounced layer of your bangs. If you have the right tools in your bag, you can style your bangs beautifully and naturally. You can make them fall on your face or style them to the edge. 

Slanted Feathered Pixie Cut

Photo Credit : @nadjaprue

Your slanted or straight feathered bang will fit perfectly on any pixie cut hairstyle. Your torn bangs will balance the angles and proportions of the cut while creating a bold and sexy hint to the overall look. Go on and feather-up your pixie cuts for that trendy look.

Asymmetrical Parted Feathered Fringe

Photo credit : Kristen Stewart

Asymmetrical parted bob is one of the favorite hairstyles of many celebrities and fashion enthusiasts. When you use side-swept or asymmetrical parted bangs, your hair texture and volume improves. The feathered bang also draws attention to your lips, eyes, and other facial features.

Feathered Bangs with Layered Bob 

Photo Credit : @vlasova_color_guru

If you have thin hair and often need some extra volume, this style is a must-try for you. Your casual bangs can be classy and creative if you choose these trendy feathered bangs.

One Side Feather Effect Bangs 

Photo Credit : @Juliana.key

Don’t you just love long bangs? They can be gorgeous and chic when you style them right. 

A flipped-over parting adds volume to the side of your hair, while the feathered bangs blend in with the hairstyle.

Long Feathered Bangs on Inverted Bob

Photo Credit : @sinohair

These glamorous feathered bangs with see-through space at the head do a great job of hiding your cheeks. This haircut places the volume on top while the back remains slim.

Unique Layered Feathered Bangs

Photo Credit : @victorkeyrouz

This asymmetrically layered hairstyle is one of the most elegant pixie styles. It is tempting and original, with the feathered bangs swept to the side, leaving much volume at the sides. With its beauty sitting at the sides of your head, your facial features can shine.

Side-Swept Feathered Bangs

Photo Credit : @demetriusschool_eng

The hairstyle is perfect for nearly every girl, and its timeless beauty enhancing the facial features. This feathered bang style fits your natural hairdo and gives a unique edge to it.

Elegant Feathered Bangs

Photo Credit : @Chirsjones_Bang

This elegant feathered bang requires low maintenance for a timeless beauty that is most flattering for stylish middle-aged women. When combined with a blunt bob, this bang fashionably frames the face and creates an oval appearance. It also covers fine lines and aging signs.

Feathery Bangs on Shaggy Pixie

Photo Credit : @DEMETRIUS

Feathery bangs look great with your curly or wavy bangs. Your layered or cascading hairstyles works great with shaggy pixie cuts and other bob cuts.

Short Hair and Asymmetrical Feathered Bangs 

Photo Credit :@Chrisjones_hair

These long wispy bangs add a feminine and sexy look to your boyish short strands at the back of your head. Asymmetrical feather bangs add paradox to your look, rejuvenates your face, and bring out the beauty in every look regardless of age.

Highlighted Feathered Side Bangs 

Photo Credit :@DEMETRIUS

Feathered side bangs are well-suited for any complexion and face shape. However, it is crucial to watch the strand lengths because they can make or mar the blend with the shape of your face. 

If you have a low forehead, weird hairline, or poor proportion, slanted bangs are excellent for you.

Curtain Feathered Bangs

Photo Credit : @Chrisweberhair

Long curtain bangs give volume and frame to your face while giving your hairdo a beautiful shape. You can cut long layered hairstyles with feathered bangs. It adds a subtle change to your look, hinds a round face, and gives you a stylish look.

Textured Bob and Feathered Bangs 

Photo Credit : @victorkeyrouz

First of all, women with long faces should stick to oblique, elongated bangs, and stay away from short bangs and hairstyles slicked back. These front bangs give you a softer image and visually improves the face, especially with the lightened fronts.

Feathered Bangs with Anime Inspiration

Photo Credit : Pixabay

Whether you opt for asymmetrical or straight feathered bangs, they work great with several creative and stylish haircuts. With simple styling and a good gel, you can perfectly accent your feathered bangs. 

Use a styling gel on hair to create this delightful anime-inspired hairstyle that is unique and spectacular. 

So, here we are! 20 spectacular feathered bang styles that will suit you and look beautiful. Try out these haircuts and bring out the best in your entire hairdo!