25 Stylish And Modern Haircuts For Men


9. Hard Fade with V-cut

The most striking quality of these modern haircuts for men is the hard fade that is different from the regular blurry fade. This creates a nice contrast between the hair and the skin. This line flows diagonally to become a cool v-shaped neckline. It is a good piece of art work on the head.

10. Curly hair with Disconnection

This is a fresh new hairstyle for men with loose curly hair left on top with a short skin fade left at the sides. A good diffuser can be used to increase the volume in the curls.

11. Messy Crop with Angled Fringe

The fringe hairstyles for men cover a huge range of looks. This cut works for everyone regardless of whatever maybe their hair type. If you have thick hair, then go for the heavy and bold fringe that can be kept in place with a styling gel. Add some texture to it and make it look messy. Pull it down to cover the whole of your forehead to give an unstructured style.

12. Rounded Flat top with Surgical Line

Flat tops are in fashion again. Flat tops have made a comeback this summer. This modern haircut for men features more natural rounded edges with the signature height. The surgical part extends the hairline beyond the ear, which creates a nice division between the curls on top and a skin fade.

13. Flat top with steps

Flat top is a classic hairstyle. Of the many men’s haircuts the flat top is referred to as box fade and holds a special place and has been around for more than three decades. Flat top was popular among black men, but now with the change in trends, this has become the trend of all men. The flat top with steps is a new cool look that has changed the way the flat top hairstyle has evolved.

14. Modern Emo Style

Cool looking Emo style for men are all about self expression. This haircut is often associated with the popular punk music culture; the Emo hair sports some really funky styles with vibrant colors to create some unique looks. The main purpose of this modern haircut is to promote individualism.

15. Platinum Fringe with Texture

Experimenting with bold colors is the new trend of the season. It draws more attention to this unique style. The long fringes are combed forward and swept back to one side and the back side is full of texture. This fringe hairstyles for men with texture perfectly suits the youth and trendy generation.

16. Braided Pomp

If you have medium length hair, then you can experiment with a lot of different styles. The hair can be braided to add texture and uniqueness. This is an unexpected hairstyle that features the braided pomp as well as the braided sides. Make a bold and stylish statement with this unique and trendy looking braided pomp hairstyle.

17. Basket Style Pompadour

Pompadour is a classic haircut that has been in trend for many decades now. A different variation of the pompadour hairstyle includes the basket style pompadour style too. You should style your hair is such a way that it rises sharply at the edges, then curl it over to create a bread basket type dip in the center with the pompadour comb.

18. Waves and Curls

Pompadour hairstyle gives a nice retro feel, but if you team it with waves and curls, the level of the hairstyle increases leaps and bounds. To make it stand out, create a finger wave at the base of the style and leave the rest of the hair in tight curls.