40 Best Brown Balayage Hair Colours For Your Next Look


Brown balayage involves a technique of color that results in a natural-looking hair color over people with brown hair. Essentially, in this type of hair, blondes, caramels, mahogany, light brown, coffee and blackberry hair color tones are combined for the creation of a very subtle look over brunette hair.

In case you are thinking of trying out brown balayage hair, check out our curated list that tells you how you can make this look work on literally anyone. We have collated 40 of our top brown balayage looks that are popular on the runways and Instagram, all of which will serve as your inspiration.

Natural Look Balayage

To go for the most natural look, go for a soft look with has-she-hasn’t-she colour! With this, different shades of browns are combined along with very little blonde, to create added depth. With this look, you can be sure that the colour never appears flat, as it uses your natural base tones for enhancing your strands. 

Face-framing Pieces

When some amount of lightness is incorporated to sections of hair near the face, it typically opens up the face, thereby transforming the entire look.  

Face-framing Pieces

Hazelnut Brown Balayage

In this brown balayage hair, neutral hazelnut tones are used over a wavy bob cut and thus, it is great for various skintones.

Hazelnut Brown Balayage
Source: _Jorgegaray_

Frosted Brunette Balayage

Our favorite look from the list gives our ice queen vibes as it involvesshimmering silver hues over this dark brown to grey balayage. For people who have naturally darker hair, it becomes easy to maintaining darker roots and still pull of hair that is lighter and has ashy undertones.  

Frosted Brunette Balayage


You can choose a balayage emphasizing parts that the sun would naturally fall on and thereby light up, resulting in natural, beachy outputs. 

Dark Chocolate Brownie Balayage

The easiest route one can opt for to ensure that naturally dark hair looks very cool and interesting is by choosing one or two shades lighter than the current tone of your hair. We assure you that you will end up with a stunning result.  

Sun-kissed Balayage on Dark Brown Hair

The sunny blonde tones in question is something that you definitely cannot go wrong with, particularly if you are blessed with particularly dark hair.  

Golden Blonde Balayage on Brown Hair

Why is golden blonde balayage perfect for brunette hair? Essentially, it perfectly frames and brightens your face. 

Pink Ombre Balayage

We are talking attractive colors like soft pink, rose golds and, our very favorite brunette balayage highlights that will truly complete the look. When lighter shades are applied from the mid-length, your hair will illustrate the wow factor. 

Pink Ombre Balayage

Subtle Balayage on Brown Hair

If you are seeking a natural sunkissed look, you must go for an extremely soft colour transition. Your hair’s roots of must remain uncoloured, and caramel and brown highlights will ensure that you seem like you are back from a tropical beach vacation. To ensure a sleek finish, merely blow-dry or straighten your hair, which will create silky smooth strands. 

Glossy Brown Balayage

Our favorite feature of brunette balayage is that it looks very glossy and healthy! You can get in touch with your stylist regarding shades that will align with your natural colour, for a result that enjoys a shiny finish. 

Glossy Brown Balayage

Natural Brown Balayage

In case you want to remain loyal to your natural colour and wish to incorporate some amount of  richness and vibrancy you must opt for brown balayage that has shades of coffee and dark cocoa. 

Natural Brown Balayage

Rose Gold Balayage

One of our favorite brown balayage looks involves a rose gold-inspired look that is developed by combining browns, caramels and toffee blonde shades. The result is a very sweet look and it is very feminine too.  

Balayage Brown on Black Hair

If you are concerned that brown balayage will not show on your Asian hair, there is nothing to worry about. You must merely focus on ensuring that your brown tones fall within the caramel colour spectrum.

As these soft hues come under warm colour range, they will go with yellow-based or tanned skin tones.  

Peach Copper Brown Hair Balayage

When your copper tones are blended with your peach brown balayage, it will result in a smooth colour combination.

Bronde Tones

Bronde is definitely among the best ways in which you can don blonde balayage over brown hair. Several top stars, including Chrissy Teigen, Gisele and J-Lo have rocked this specific look, as we do believe that dreams are made up of multidimensional blend of blonde and brunette tones.  

Dark Brown with Framing Highlights

There is nothing more beautiful than an ash brown balayage, in our humble opinion. In order to break up block color, we think you must definitely incorporate piecey ash highlights, as it also adds dimension. 

Balayage Brown to Red

If you are bold and daring, we are excited to present this look to you. There is literally no look that beats some red highlightsthat are positioned in the right places that is mixed with a few subtle hints of brown.

This look is extremely dramatic and your entire mane will enjoy an entirely new look. It will definitely be a memorable style and is great for people willing to experiment with bold colors.  

Ash Brown Balayage Medium Hair

You can choose to color your hair of bob-medium length with a ash brown shade. This way, you will look very sweet. 

Subtle Balayage

In case your hair is a color virgin, or if you are not looking for anything that is high-maintenance, you must check out an understated brown balayage.  

Subtle Balayage

Copper Brunette Balayage

This is an extremely stunning copper balayage that mixes up glossy deep brunette and our favorite warm copper’s ribbon highlights.  

Smoky Blond Balayage

A lot of brown balayage looks and brunette ones tend to be warm or enjoy red tones. However, even cooler shades can seem equally flattering.  In case you are unsure as to which one you must opt for, get in touch with your colourist, who can help you determine the tones that they believe would work ideally for you, on the basis of your skin tone and eye shade. 

Milk Chocolate Brown Balayage Highlights

In case you are unsure whether brown balayage will work on dark hair, we have this look for you that will definitely persuade you. Merely use the lighter colour further down the hair length, which will assist with slimming and augmenting the apt features in your face.  

Rich Brunette Tones

With these really warm and rich tones, even medium brown color comes with an autumn feel thanks to the multiple tones.  

Editor’s tip: If you decided to go with balayage, ensure that you change your haircare so it involves a colour protection range. This will ensure that the colour remains fresh. As moroccan oil forms the base of the TRESemmé Colour Shineplex Shampoo and Conditioneryou can use them to clean and moisturise your colored hair. This will ensure that the colour stays both vibrant and shiny for up to 12 weeks.

Cinnamon Swirl Brunette Balayage

With this particular cinnamon blonde tones, you can ensure a completely refreshing transformation, shifting away from generic golds and browns.  

Editor’s tip: If this is a look that you want to try, we recommend recreating it using the Design.Me Puff.Me Dry Texturizing Hair Spray with Zeolitesince this will provide hair volume booster and it is equipped with UV protection to your precious hair from straighteners!

Peach Tone Balayage

It is a mistake to think that brown balayage is boring, as it is actually the opposite. People with brawn hairs can make the most of this amazing trend and they can end up pulling off this multi-dimensional hair. We truly are in love with this look of peach brunette balayage. 

Peach Tone Balayage

Glossy Dark Brown Balayage

In case your brunette hair comes off as flat to a certain extent, you must select subtle warm tones that are a few shades lighter, when compared to your base colour. With this, your existing colour is augmented and you can enjoy a new transformation.  

Editor’s tip: This coloured hair usually feels drier. To ensure that your lengths  remain shiny and healthy, it is important to use a serum. With the TRESemmé Colour Shineplex Serum, your hair can retain moisture and any frizz that you have smoothened out. Moreover, since the formula is light weight, your strands will not be weighed down.  

Light Caramel Balayage

Now is the time to consider getting warm brown hues for highlighting both the layers and textures of a nice long bob. This look is straight outta runway and actually combines really cool trends: beautiful brown balayage and a practical mid-length lob. 

Brown Blonde Balayage

If you do not mind a look that involves soft and sultry tresses, we have the perfect pairing for you- brunette balayage along with a fringe, which can assist with framing your face and highlighting various shades of your hair. Choose feathered bangs to go with your blond balayage, if you want a fresh and flirty look.   

Ash Blond Balayage

With a brunette balayage, what we truly love is that is creates a hand-painted effect and the result is that darker hair enjoys immense vibrancy. Flashes of color that are chunkier work well with thinner highlights for some gorgeous locks. 

Chestnut Balayage

This extremely thin chestnut highlights are extremely flattering and help incorporate life and dimension to tones that are naturally raven and ebony. 

Auburn Balayage

You can mix several red and auburn shades with brown balayage for the creation of a look that is warm and illuminated from within.

Caramel Balayage on Brown Hair

We personally love this caramel balayage, which is why we recommend ensuring that your brown balayage remains au natural. This technique is both practical and low-maintenance, and thus, it is the ideal colour choice for several fashion and lifestyle bloggers. 

Chocolate Brown Balayage

The dark side is what we truly love, so go on and embrace the natural color of your tresses. In case your hair is very dark, caramel, chocolate and cocoa balayage highlights will create a look so stunning, particularly when they are applied till the ends of your hair.  

Chocolate Brown Balayage

Warm Brown Balayage

In a subtle manner, you can seamlessly add definition to your curls, by selecting brown balayage highlights that are barely a few shades lighter than the natural color of your hair. This look will surely ensure that your curls pop.  

Chocolate + Hazelnut Balayage

Brown balayage is a great look when you let your hair be free. However, did you know that having various tones in your hair comes with another advantage? It is perfectly when you mix chocolate and hezelnut tone

Brown Balayage on Bob Haircut

If you have a bob or lob cut, you can transform it instantly with the addition of a fresh colour upgrade, weaving in lovely lighter tones.  

Brown Balayage on Bob Haircut

Sexy Brunette Hair

Since balayage emphasizes the ends of the hair, it is among the best looks for people who have flowing long locks. When interest is added to the ends, it prevents the hair from seeming like it was weighed down and limp and thus, shape is added to the entire look.  

Brown Mahogany Balayage

This essentially involves seamlessly working soft brown balayage over natural black hair. Ensure that you keep both your roots and the tresses that frame your face entirely dark, and ensure that the richness and warmth of the hues that you select are near your face. .

Brown Mahogany Balayage

Beautiful Honey Balayage Brown Hair

If you are looking for more reasons to choose the balayage hair colouring technique, here is one. The entire look can be personalised to go with your skin tone and face shape.

Engage with your stylist to understand the ideal shades and placement, on the basis of your complexion.