50 Hairstyles for Round Faces That You Absolutely Need to Try


If you are extremely sick of your hair stylist cutting your hair without taking your round face into consideration, we feel you! Thankfully, there are several hairstyles for round faces that will work perfectly with your face. In fact, a completely round face comes with its own set of advantages! Typically, round faces seem youthful, as well as feminine, in contrast to faces that are extremely angular. Unfortunately, finding a hairstyles for round faces can be very challenging. What can be done about that? How can you find the most flattering hairstyles for a round face that is slightly on the chubby side? We have a set of tips and tricks that can really assist you! If you have a round face and are looking for one golden rule that can change your game, it involves framing your face around the cheeks in order to highlight the best features. Continue reading to gain more tips and go through an entire list of modern trendy haircuts and hairstyles for round faces!

Pixie Cut with Side-Swept Bangs

This is among the most gorgeous hairstyles for round faces that involves short hair. A great pixie cut combined with side-swept bangs results in an entirely new gorgeous look. This is meant for those brave hearts aiming to experiment with their hair!

Source: @Randa.Rivera

Long and Shaggy Hair.

Essentially, this hairstyle falls between the concepts of “windswept” and “loosely styled”. This look is a completely low-maintenance look and is considered among the best long hairstyles for round faces.

Source : @Salonnirvana

Long Wavy Hair with Money Pieces

Transforming your look will take very little work. Merely determine appropriate placement for highlights and the styling. With waves, it is easy to increase the volume, especially in case of thin hair. You can incorporate some cute money pieces over your hair for a gorgeous transformation!

Chubby Faces Rock the Short Bob.

With asymmetrical bob hairstyles, your round face can enjoy an angular look! 

Source: @pageboyinc

Straight A-Line Bob Haircut

We love simplicity and this haircut is the definition of the same. You need not completely transform your look. Just a nice A-line bob haircut and your straight hair will look chic!


Straight Shoulder-Length Haircut

Do you not want to cut your hair too much? That works! Just straighten your hair, transform the color, and you can give yourself a new look.  


Half Up Waves and Braids

This is a particularly bouncy beach look and is great for ensuring that your round face look more oval! 

Source : @Olhaessatranca

Layered Hair and Curtain Bangs

This works in tandem with the office dress code and could improve height and falls over the cheeks without incorporate excess volume over the face.

Twisted Braid and Bun

This complements both thin and thick as volume is not an important factor to create an awesome look!

Wavy Hairstyle

In case your hair is not voluminous, you can style it in simple waves for an amazing low-maintenance look.


Long Wavy Balayage

In case you want your hair to cover up the face’s roundness, refrain from cutting your hair. Just grow it out as it will frame your face well. To create a fun look, merely add money pieces and highlights!

Red Hair and Curtain Bang

Nothing beats medium lenght hair with curtain bang. Except maybe a shade of fiery red! Just color your hair and look like a lioness. For round faces, the hair must add frame and add height. This is perfectly style and make you look young.

Source : @pageboyinc

Glamorous Blonde Wavy Hair.

This is among the classic hairstyles for round faces. You can look pretty sexy when you integrate the proper shade of blonde over your glamorous waves. This haircut goes best on long length hair. This is the dreamiest look you can aim for!

Shaggy Hairstyle and Bangs

This Shaggy Hairstyle is a low-maintenance look that is grungy and thus, is great for artsy people.


Swept-Back Cut of Short Length.

Even with short hair, it is very easy to create gorgeous hairstyles without any issues. You merely require hair that is clean, a blow-dryer, and a great texturizing spray. Some teasing in the front and you are good to go.  


Short Hair with Feathered Bang

We do not believe in magic. Instead, you can opt for a short hairstyle and pick a good blonde shade with feathered bang. This is an effective look for framing your round face.

Wavy Bob With Side Parting

With a bob and a teased side-parting, you can look extremely sophisticated. With this hairstyle, the proportions of your round face shape can be easily rectified. For a more graceful look, you can color it blonde!

Smooth Updo

A tiny bouffant will improve the height and ensures you look extra special. Around your face, Side swept complement the curves of the face.

Source : Emma Stone

Center-Parted Hairstyle

In case you are looking for a fun summer vibe, you can easily achieve a gorgeous beach look using this sun-kissed balayage. You can incorporate bent waves to add volume to your hair, so you can look cute all the time!

Source : @ikorkhonin

Side Part on Chin-Length Hair

This Chin Length bob haircut that includes side swept bangs tends to frame the round face well, and provides it the required angles, as well as elongation.

Long Flowy Layered Hair

These textured layers will fall over your cheeks and draw the eye down, which will slim down your face. In case you have a double chin, this look can help define your jaw.


Medium Length Asymmetrical Bob

In case you are a lover of classic, simple looks but are looking for a twist? This asymmetrical bob will work to cover your face and ensure that it looks slimmer. This hairstyle for round women is meant for people seeking a new look without giving up on classic vibes.

Source : @ikorkhonin

Long Curls that are Shapely

In a few cases, you must accentuate the curves of your round face for some reason! This is extremely regal-looking style complementing several women.

Source: Chrissy Teigen

Hairstyle that have Curled Ends

This is another among the best hairstyles for round faces. For creating an entirely new look for your straight hair extending beyond your shoulders, the ends can be curled for some romantic vibes.

Source: Reese Witherspoon 

Crown Braid Hairstyle

Meant for special occasions, as the hairstyle includes elaborate braids to provide your head with a better look when you open your neck and jaw.

Soft Wavy Hairstyle

With soft waves, it is easy to draw attention to the natural curves of your face. This short hairstyle is among the best for round faces and hair that is thin.

Wavy Hair with Parted Bangs

Bobs complement every face shape. Short hair with parted bangs will make you look sweet and young. To complete this look, a few waves will add some nice bounce!


Straight Blonde Hair on Medium Length

You can enjoy a completely natural vibe by incorporating minimal touches. This haircut is great for a face shape that is perfectly round, since it tends to elongate the face and ensures that you come off as sophisticated no matter what you wear!

Collarbone Length Shaggy Bob.

This is a very common hairstyle of medium length among round faced women. However, it is because it is an attractive look. With these wavy layers, your eyes, nose, and mouth are highlighted, as your cheeks and jawline are slimmed down.

Source: Stylendesigns.com

Free-Falling Messy Ponytail

For styling long hair, one easy way involves opting for a free-falling messy ponytail, as it will attract attention towards your face’s upper part and away from your cheeks and jaw.

Source : Lindsay Lohan

High Bun Hairstyle

With a simple bunch, you can enjoy a casual look or even go for a date night look. 

Feathered Bangs on Shaggy Hair.

This is an amazing look as it is extremely fierce, particularly among hairstyles for round faces. To enjoy optimal effect, you must feather both the bangs and ends. 

Baby Bangs on Short Shaggy Bob

You can show off your gorgeous face with this hairstyle, which is among the best for round faces. You can either stick to your natural hair color or, as usual, blonde is always a good choice. Both your cheeks and jawline look framed when you go for this gorgeous bob.

Hairstyle that is Softly Feathered.

This specific haircut incorporates texture without making the look extremely messy and is great for those who have round faces and voluminous hair.

Balayage for Round Faces

This combines waves and color duo for working on the illusion of volume!

Curls and Long Side Bangs.

With a curly hairstyle, you can create a good look as the soft composition underlying the curls and complete bangs result in a defined frame for the face.

Soft Sexy Comb-Over Lob.

This is an amazing textured hairstyle for round faces. This wavy haircut can be pulled regardless of the volume of your hair. With this lob, you can look chic and mesmerizing!

Source :@Hirohair

Red Shaggy Hair and Bangs

This specific look hides your jaw and partially covers your cheeks, while making your eyes pop!


High Two Top Knot Bun Hairstyle

This is a cute look that is carefree and very charming! It’s very easy and requires you to quickly tie a topknot for framing your face using long and straight strands.

Modern Comb-Over Bob

A bob that is long and asymmetrical can ensure that round faces enjoy more definition, particularly when wearing accessories.


Side Curls for Sophistication

Long side curls help frame your face, as the backside of your hair can either see, intricate or extremely simple.

Dimensional Blond Side-Parted Hairstyle

Are you seeking a carefree, casual look? With loose curls and extra height, which can assist with adding length to your face and emphasizes your eyes.


Hollywood Curls

Waves that are tightly packed for the shape of your face shape must not begin at the roots and instead, start at your chin, so the volume shifts downwards. In any other case, the face gets wider.

Loose Low Bun Style

This specific look hides your jaw and partially covers your cheeks, while making your eyes pop!

Loose Low Ponytail

This is another cute look that can also look fierce. It draws up your eyes and lengthens the shape of your face, and thus, will definitely augment your eyes and cheekbones.

Half Up Braid Bun

The bun that is cautiously disheveled and has long loose strands along the sides can help casually frame your face and slim down your cheeks.

Loose Waves Parted Look

In case you wish for your face to seem slim, you can allow your hair to grow out and go for loose waves that are “barely there” for creating a natural frame for your face.

Source : @Hirohair

Long Soft Waves with Head Band

Employing a hair scarf is can help arrange your hair strands around your [email protected] This is more stable in comparison a ponytail and works well for ever.

Elevated Ponytail

This is among the most amazing up hairstyles for round faces! Your hair at the top can be teased and face-framing pieces can be added for elevating the basic ponytail.

Shaggy Layered Lob

This is definitely the best hairstyle for people who have round faces, as it looks sophisticated and simple to maintain!