Halloween Hairstyles for 2020


Halloween is coming. What will you be for Halloween this year? Check below for more inspiration, you will totally look unique and unforgettable. Do not be afraid of being different!

#1. Cute Spooky Hair

This spooky, ghost-like look works great for the All Hallows’ Eve. The key is big single bun white hair and decorate it.

#2.Unicorn Hair

Unicorns are beautiful mythical beings that every little girl adored. Drawing from that inspiration, you can dress up as a sexy unicorn. The rainbow hair effect is achieved by creating an ombre from different pastel colors. 

#3. Small Skulls in Hair

This is something cool you can do with your hair for Halloween. By adding Skulls to your braids, your hair becomes a spooky.

#4. Halloween Hairstyle for Short Hair

Ghosts are scary spirits that come from the other side. Whether you believe in them or not, a spooky ghost is a perfect costume, and the hair and makeup and so simple.


#5. Medusa Hair

Medusa is a scary monster that comes from Greek mythology. She was described as having snakes for hair and was much feared. To achieve this look, you can place a ton of extensions in your hair to make it big and add toy snakes that creep out of the hair. 

#6.Creepy Hair

If you want to be spooky, this amazing hairstyle will do the trick. You will need a lot of hair for this, so add a bunch of extensions and make it big. You can accessories with spider or any creepy things.


#7.Two Wired Braids

If you want to do something cool with your hair for Halloween, you can try something like this. Although it may look simple, But it is very easy to make.

#8. Fairy Inspired

If you’re not into the scary stuff, you can be a beautiful fairy-like goddess. For this one, it’s all about the long, luscious hair, so put as many extensions as you can and add a flower on the top.

#10.Beautiful Galaxy Hair

This dreamy galaxy girl look will make you stand out during Halloween since most people will go for the spooky looks. It is very feminine and girly and it’s the perfect look for a cool Halloween party. 

#11.Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn is a comic supervillain who’s famous for her pink and blue pigtails. You can temporarily dye your hair or add pink and blue extensions to your pigtails. And don’t forget to bring a baseball bat with you!

#12.Hundred and One Dalmatians

Cruella de Vil, from The Hundred and One Dalmatians, is one of the most famous villains ever. Her notorious black and white hair became a synonym for evil. You accompany this Cruella hairstyle with a big fur coat, a fake one, of course. 

Source: Viktorija.pericic

#13. Spooky Braid

This makeup looks spooky and it goes great with this hairstyle which incorporates all kinds of different braids.

#14.Game of Thrones Braid

If you’re a Game of Thrones Fan (and really who isn’t?), you can get inspired by the awesome female characters and their amazing hairstyles.

Source: hairbykatied

#15. Mermaid

Mermaids are legendary water creatures who are famous for their beauty and long, luscious hair. You can use a long blue or turquoise clip infringe or extensions and accessorize your hairstyle with seashells and starfish.


#16. Gothic Idea

This gothic look is very creepy and beautiful at the same time. Goth hairstyles are all about long hair and dark makeup. To make black hair more interesting, you can add some colorful highlights. 

#16.Mixed Hairstyle

Halloween is the right time for experimenting with your hair color. This turquoise and pink combination looks incredible and there are a couple of ways in which you can achieve this hairstyle. You can use temporary hair dye, permanent hair dye, a wig, or pink and turquoise hair extensions. 

#17. Feline Makeup

If you’re an animal lover, there are many different ideas to think about. For example, you can dress up as a cute feline. The makeup is quite simple and your hair should be long and voluminous. You can also make cute ears out of your hair.


#18.Mexican Day of the Dead

This look is inspired by the Mexican Day of the Dead and their famous sugar skulls. The makeup looks amazing and you can accentuate the look with bright hair colors. 

Source: aleks_sandraz

#19. Devil

This spooky look is just perfect for Halloween; it combines heavy makeup, blood, and devil horns. 

Source: IG_makeupbylalka

Happy Halloween to you all.???


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