The Hairstyles from the Runways


The  trends in hairstyles can impress even the most courageous fashionistas. Here, the famous hairstylists give their own vision on gorgeous locks, offering fresh ideas and hair trends.

Christian Dior wavy hairstyle

Wavy locks remain this summer’s major hair trend in fashion, so you can tousle your tresses further on. Christian Dior led by legendary Jon Galliano opted for an irreproachable retro-look inspired by Rita Hayworth and Ava Gardner. With such perfect and glowing locks, you will look like a high-profile celeb.

Proenza Schouler messy hairstyle

Chloe romantic hair trend

In case Christian Dior look is too difficult to make for an everyday hairstyle, you can trade it for Proenza Schouler and Chloe offer less chic, but also sophisticated look, achieved by blowing you hair dry.

Mulberry punk-style hair trend

Extremely brave ladies may try a punk-style tousled like do like those from Mulberry show. To make such a do you have to plait your locks in tiny braids before you go to bed, and then unbraid them in the morning and make the hair look messy. Your punk is ready! Your will be a real trendsetter with this do.

MarK Jacobs center-parted 'do

Givenchy hot summer look

Michael Kors side-parted hairstyle

Another gorgeous trend of this summer is glowing straight hairstyle. Mark Jacobs, Michael Kors and Givenchy shows featured center-parted, ultra-smooth, and silky locks. To make such do, blow your hair dry and use a pressing iron.

Missoni French braid

Miu Miu side-braid look

The braids are still ultrafashionable. Miu Miu, Roberto Cavalli and Missoni looks demonstrated various braids from the ordinary plaited ones to the French braids. The most important thing in plaiting such braid is making it messy near the roots but the braid itself should be sleek and accurate.

Oscar De La Renta Tiara-like hairstyle

Oscar de la Renta hair stylists even plaited a tiara-like braid running over their models head. You can plait such braid on your own if you have medium or long hair. Simply make an ordinary braid and then fix the braid all over your head with hairpins and clips.

Ralph Lauren ponytail look

Prada girly side-ponies look

If you are tired of braids you can make use of another top summer hair trend – ponytail. This ‘do is very easy, comfortable and looks fashionable. Ralph Lauren summer collection featured lower ponytails with bright hair brands. Prada show punctuated models’ looks with two girly side pony-tails.