20 Peach Hair Color Ideas and Best Undertones for Your Skin


Are you considering trying our peach hair color this summer? The best part about opting for this shade is that it is extremely diverse- you can go for a bold color that is pinkish-orange, or conversely, you can select a peach hair dye that is more subtle and pastel resembling rose gold. This specific article will discuss how you can rock the peach hair color. You can blindly trust the ideas stated in this article, as they were curated by a certified colorist. This article features 20 ideas that you can consider if you are keen on incorporating some attractive peach hues to spruce up your blond or brunette hair. We have included some classics, like balayage, and several modern coloring techniques to provide a holistic overview.  

Glossy Peach Waves

The juiciest peach hair color look is the one illustrated in the picture. This specific look has a reflective glaze finish and works well with solid hair tone as well, and hence, you need not go for unnecessary undertones or highlights to create a beautiful look

Peach Pixie Hair

Photo : Instagram @hairsthebling

There is nothing that is cuter than soft peach hair color on a pixie cut. Moreover, if your skin is more of a medium-fair peach tone, we recommend going for warm apricot blond with golden tints.

Pastel Peach-Toned Balayage


One common color that people love is the peach pastel hair color. While the shade is attractive, it is still quite subtle and is great for people who don’t want to be out there. Among the various pastel shades available, it is safe to state that this one is the least extravagant. When light pinkish and orangish babylights are added, the face tends to look more bright and the result is that the overall image is fresher and warm. Thus, if you are someone who commonly chooses the blond balyage look over everything else, we recommend toning using a semi-permanent peach hair dye, like the WELLA Colorcharm Paints Coral.

Peach Pink Bob

Instagram @ hairbyac_alcon

When you opt for peach pink hair color that has hues of saturated strawberry, it tends to augment the overall look of blue, green, or gray eyes and makes them more expressive. This particularly holds true in the case of a bob haircut, wherein the hair’s undertones are slightly cooler.  

Rose Gold Peach

Instagram @ Brooke_kelaart

Women who enjoy a look that is more subtle and humble would love this rose gold peach hair color that exhibits sheen that has a copper or a slight pink tint. These kinds of shades tend to look quite natural, and thus, the overall look is attractive, albeit subtle and warm.   

Holographic Peach


Women who enjoy looks that are bold will definitely love this particular color. If you are a woman who is more of a “summer type”- with gorgeous dark brown or ashy hair tone, along with eyes that are gray-green or gray-blue- we highly recommend the holographic peach color juxtaposed with silvery or orange-ish shades, or conversely, strands that are lilac or purple.

Milkshake Peach Hair

If you have curly lock hair and looking to create this beautiful pink-peach color, remember that the peach hair dye used by the colorist tends to have a special formula. To create the look illustrated in the picture ,Step one Blondor + 6%, Step Two ;ColorTouch Instamatic Pink Dream + Muted Mauve (5: 1). It is quite evident from the picture below that the results are pretty great.

Half & Half Peach

Are you looking to dye the entire length of your hair? In that case, we personally recommend adding a bright peach stroke half and half. This particular hairstyle is particularly creative, and in fact, it almost looks like art. It will surely set you apart among others. For a perfect effect, we recommend getting the rest of the hair colored a solid brown color.

Peachy Curls

Peach hair color with undertones of pink results in extra volume and adds an extra glow to the layered curls. The final look is essentially bold and sexy. While you always look as though you are all set to party, you continue to look particularly feminine and tender.  

Apricot Peach Hair Color

Instagram : @hiustailijahanna.k

Apricot Peach hair color that is gentle and warm complements peaches-and-cream complexion and creates a gentle charm. Although the peach color is not exactly shocking or flashy, it works pretty well on women who are looking to transform their image to a certain extent.  

Cotton Candy Peach Blonde Hair Color

Have you ever considered combining your typical blond hair with some shades of pink and peach? This would look especially good if you choose to create a gorgeous, almost melting transition that shifts from a root color that is very intense to the tips that are of lighter shades. When this peach hair color is donned with shoulder-length haircuts, the bright image is slightly softened. We highly recommend using a semi-permanent coloring conditioner, such as the Punky Cotton Candy Semi-Permanent Conditioning Hair Color. This helps in creating a shade of tender cotton candy while making sure that your blond locks are properly nourished.

Pale Peach

With peach hair color, any face can achieve a fresh new look. The result is that women tend to look younger when they turn to this color, and their hair looks more vivid. But do note that the exact haircut also plays a crucial role. With this new look, everyone you know will be stunned.  

Neon Peach

Typically, women with brown eyes and dark skin tend to choose the electric peach hair color. The result is a look that is perfectly exotic. On the other hand, hair color that appears the red peach tends to suit skin color that is relatively lighter. Moreover, it would look great on women with green or blue eyes.

Everyday Wear Pastel Peach

If you are looking for a subtle look that is still trendy and uncommon, we have a great idea for you. In this look, this bob bleached from the roots and then toned with peach colour. Side and undercuts helps her with the thickness and also gives nice edge to the look 

A Touch of Peach

When you choose this natural dark peach hair color, you will essentially be rocking light brown. However, in this case, the tones are more sunny copperish. This specific solution is especially great for the summer season.

Peach Elegance

Dark hair can be spruced up with flamy peach highlights, as they tend to add an element of richness and warmness to the locks.To get this style use this formula step ;#BlondorFreelights: 9% and Pink Flower Toner: #ColorTouch 10/6 + 0/56 + 1.9%

However, regardless of the professionalism of your stylist, ensure that you proactively take proper care of your locks that are treated with color. You can use masks, toning shampoos, and special conditioners in order to maintain the depth and shine of the color and ensure that it doesn’t fade away (try BIOLAGE Colorlast Conditioner).

Silver Mix with Blorange Peach


This specific peach hair color is ideal for those with skin undertones that are naturally warm. When it comes to silver hair, a tone that is of light orange along with a bottom of blorange peach. It is a particularly bright and noticeable shade.

Hi-light Peach

If the regular hair colors are no longer your thing, we recommend getting peach hi-light strands done as they will form the perfect frame for your face. In this specific picture, it is evident how the peach hi-light manages to bring out the face.

Peach Ombre

Instagram @foilingbeautiful

Ombre is a color that looks particularly good on long strands. This is a great technique to establish a transition that is extremely smooth when the dyeing process is used to apply various colors. Ombre looks particularly charming when it is in long hair. Moreover, the image is enhanced by a contrasting combination of colors.

Peach Root Melt

This is a relatively “long” haircut, and hence, the stylist can try to experiment with several tones and make use of two to three shades of peach and pink. In such a case, the colorist can visually improve the hair using a peach root melt and enhances the overall volume of the waves

We hope that you liked this specific collection showcasing peach hair color ideas. If you are looking for inspiration, save your favorite ones!