The Best Modern Shag Haircuts for Women, From Short to Long


If you are into rock ‘n’ roll, the shag haircuts may seem particularly attractive to you. It is casual land looks effortless. Essentially, the general characteristics of a shag haircut include ends that are choppy, while around the crown, the hair tends to be more layered. Another prominent characteristic of this style is that it is extremely textured. 

However, do note that the modern shag hairstyle does not make you look like you are in a metal band from the 80s. However, it is still choppy, and the texture is still quite a lot. This hairstyle tends to work well with essentially every hair texture and length. However, beware. If there are too many layers, the look can seem too choppy and dated.

When it comes to this specific style, the key is nothing but the fringe. Thus, the fringe has to be completely right to ensure an apt shag. Thus, when the fringe doesn’t come out right, it is not exactly a shag.   

Classic Long Shaggy Hair

One can see this overall nature of a shag. To create this effortless style, there is nothing better than soft bends, parted curtain bangs hairstyles, and fluffy ends. However, it does take quite a lot of time to make it look amazing.  

Shaggy Bob with Semi-Parted Fringe

In this specific picture, we can see a shag that is sultry and curly. According to experts, the wave or the curl forms the foundation of a good shag. There is a need for the hair to exhibit body and soft texture. To create an amazing shaggy wave. If you allow this style to grow slightly longer, the result is that the curls create the perfect frame for her face.

Shaggy Hair with bangs

While we do know of several exceptions, it is a standard rule that shag cuts look their best when the stylist doesn’t overdo the look. Essentially, we are talking about hair that is blow-dried to perfection, wherein not even one strand of hair is out of place. Regardless of the length of the hair, a shag that is messy always tends to look better. In case your straight is hair, seek choppy ends during the cut. Allow it to air dry after scrunching it. 

Pixie Shag

It is possible for a shag to be extremely short, and it essentially resembles the shaggy mullet. On the other hand, we have longer shags that are more feathered, creating a softer finish. For creating this look, direct your stylist to cut down choppy layers starting at the front and moving towards the back. In this case, the look is more structured when a deep side part is allowed.  

70s Shag

When it comes to woamn’s shag haircut, the secret is to not style it excessively. Do not opt for products such as gels, and the result is that your hair becomes stiff. We recommend choosing styling creams that have a medium hold.

Edgy Short Shaggy Cuts

This lovely shag hairstyle beautifully. Essentially, it is all about washing, scrunching, and dealing with the day. Needless to say, this specific shag looks ideal when hair is air-dried or blow-dried using a diffuser. But remember, you must always scrunch from below. 

Modern Shag

When talking about a modern take on the shag cut, this is the best look. We personally love this look. Her medium-length hair is styled using a layer and slight bends.

Relaxed Shag

When it comes to this particular version of the shag, this look includes the perfect amount of shagginess in combination with a layered haircut. Regardless of the time and age, bedhead is a particularly popular look, and everyone can pull it off. 

Wolf Cut Women

Standout style coupled with the stylish combo is a look we can never get enough of. Allow the golden blonde color to look glossy without seeming brassy. This can be achieved by opting for a shampoo that is color-safe, such as the John Frieda Violet Crush Purple Shampoo ($8.99).

Piece-y Shag

It is important to note that the shag hairstyle is not meant for women who are in their teens and their 20s. This is amazing shag hairstyle that looks uber cool and the perfect amount of messy. There is an element of rock and roll incorporated in the look. This particular cut frames the face swell and showcases the shape of her face. The result is that her face looks bright.

Tapered Shag With Bangs

This Hair Stylist shows off one more glamorous Tapered shag undercut exhibiting her gray hair. This is a particularly gorgeous look, and the layers are beautifully, while the bangs are classy and will never get outdated.  

Curly Hair Shag With Bangs

For us, This shag is something that looks like a trend right out of a major model look-book. If you want a better finish, try to go for a little bit of SexyHair Healthy Seal the Deal Split End Mender Lotion ($18.95). The result is that the hair continues to maintain that glamorous bedhead look in a very natural way.

Medium Shaggy Wispy Haircuts

When it comes to hair, Our personal favorite look is the straight shag. It has a lot of volumes and thick bangs, all of which tend to frame her face very well. Using multiple lighter chestnut highlights tends to attract people’s attention towards the shorter layers located at the front. Typically, these hair shags tend to be soft as well as wispy. Here, the key is to ensure that you dry it properly. This way, the volume remains ideal at the scalp, and you can show off your texture with your styling product. 

Medium Length Shag

Medium Length Shag

This is showcases of an amazing version of a shag hairstyle that looks wonderful with medium-length. In this case, the look is augmented with soft waves. However, there are still certain hints of that look of living in, adding to the overall sultriness. 

Shag haircut for Curly Hair

While curly style that is quite long, is not your usual shag, it is impossible not to notice that the short layers tend to cut into the style. The choppy shag has a slight A-frame, making it a perfect look. 

Playful Short Shag Hairstyles

In general, a shag is quite playful. If you are looking to add more whimsy, you can do so by adding a bold color. We love this bob cut that is blue in color, and the ragged edges make the look even tougher. It is one of the best choice for alt hairstyles.

Shaggy Bangs Long Hair

Great shaping is also possible in the case of hair that is of longer length. For instance, when it comes to Billieilish Blond locks, they look shaggy, as well as elegant simultaneously. You can achieve this look easily by allowing hair to air-dry and using a lot of sea spray, such as Herbivore Botanicals Coconut Sea Mist Texturizing Salt Spray ($20).

Undercut Long Shag

For those who love creating bold statements, we recommend a shag haircut that comes with a side shave. Essentially, make it seem like the look of Jennifer Hudson by directing your stylist to create an undercut. When it comes to the rest of your hair, go for a texture spray that creates a messy definition.