Tips For The Best Hair Color: Brilliant Red


You are dreaming about: Magnificent RedChristina Hendricks' Red- Hair Updo

Going Red at home: Without any doubt, Red is the most difficult hair color to achieve properly at home, because often bold red may look weird, cheap or artificial if you don’t know how to color your locks right.

If your natural hair color is not red, better opt for auburn shade. The best colors for you will be brown-based hues that contain red or auburn shades (you can find it out by the name of the color on the box). In this case you will achieve russet shade, with no cartoony color.

When coloring grays, opt for permanent color and select brown-based hues or formulas based on neutral shades, as proper-red pigment doesn’t work very well with gray and you can get horrible pink highlights instead of beautiful red. So, don’t forget to color one strand and check the result, before coloring all the hair.

Going Red at the salon: When going red it is vital to explain your colorist what color you want to have exactly. For example, if you want to become a vivid redhead, like Isla Fisher or Christina Hendricks, then ask your hair-colorist to make some auburn highlights on the main color. In case you are willing to have a copper-like color, then get some coppery highlights around the face.

In addition, ask your colorist to advice you a dye that you can apply at home in order to revive the color.

Hair care: Red is the first pigment your locks will emit while you wash them. So, in order to keep your red hair being vibrant for longer wash your hair every other day. Use a very gentle shampoo and conditioner, like Color Support Shampoo for True Reds by Bumble and Bumble.

Once a week use a moisturizing therapy that will also keep your color shining. You can try Garnier Fructis Color Shield Fortifying Deep Conditioner, which will guard your strands from fading.

If your locks still lose color, you can refresh it using a color enhancer, such as Ken Paves Healthy Hair Boost Up Color Drops in Red. Mix few drops of color enhancer with your regular conditioner in order to revive color and give it more shine until you wash your hair next time. And don’t forget to use only those hair care products that have been created particularly for the redheads.