Tips For The Best Hair Color: Glowing Blond


You are dreaming of: radiant blond locks

Going blond at home: The best source hair color for going blond is light brown mixed the gray, since gray tresses will resemble highlight when colored with semi- or demi-permanent dye. Blond lock will also be a nice choice for those women who were blonds in childhood, because their skin color will match the hair properly.

The major mistake women make when trying to become blondes, is thinking that bleaching is the same thing as lightening. In reality, the naturally looking blond is the result of correctly-selected shade and properly-set highlights and lowlights. So, if you never dyed you hair, better avoid coloring your hair blond at home, as the result can be rather grievous.

Another great error is trying to go lighter than women should. So, coloring professionals recommend purchasing one shade darker color than the blond you like the most and check out your “source” color is shown on the back side of the box. If you still want to color your hair at home, you can try L’Oréal Paris Couleur Experte Express dye, which features main color, and a highlighting set in the same kit.

Visit A Salon

If you decided to become a blonde, the best thing is to visit a professional hairstylist. Listen to his tips and recommendations, even if he is trying to discourage you from a dramatic hair color change, simply because he knows what he is talking about. If your natural hair color is a couple of shades darker than your new hair color, you will have to either make return trips to the salon at least once a month or make your roots at home. So, you can ask your hair colorist to advice you a color that you can buy at the drugstores. You can also try Sephora’s Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Pen a highlighter for darker roots that lasts 24 hours, and comes in several shades.

Hair Care

 The chemicals that are involved in the process of lightening will damage your hair, so once you become a proud owner of blond locks, you should take especial care for your hair. Opt for gentle shampoo and deep conditioner in order to give some strength to your traces and revive shine. Choose the shampoos intended for colored hair. You can even make your own gentle cleanser, by mixing your regular shampoo and warm water. Always apply some conditioner specifically created for bleached or damaged hair.