Tips for the Best Hair Color: Radiant Brown


Jessica Alba wavy brown locks

You are dreaming of: Glowing Brown Locks

Going Brown at home: To make your brown traces look shining, apply cool or warm hues together with temporary color, especially if you didn’t like the outcome. in case you’re not happy with the outcome. Try Clairol Natural Instincts Loving Care haircolor for a brighter and more brilliant color.

If you have gray strands, better opt for a more pigmented dye, which will cover them completely. Or your can choose ine tone lighter than you like, and it will make gray traces resemble highlights, and the overall look will be more natural. Try L’Oréal Paris Excellence-to-Go, which will give a natural and shining look in only 10-15 minutes.

Visit a salon: According to celebrity hair colorists, brunette is the most difficult color to achieve. Among the worst outcomes when going brown is becoming cheap-red or lackluster. Hair colorists advice to opt for caramel or gold highlights to get a more natural and complete hair. And after the coloring procedure you can try gloss treatment that will give your locks more shine. Gloss is a non-pigment colors which fills the cuticle and gives luster for more than a month.

Hair care: The process of becoming brunette features less dyeing, so brown hair doesn’t gets as much damage as in case with blond hair. The pigment contained in brown color repels water, so the color remains in places for a longer period of time. If you are willing to add more shine to yout brown locks, you can use the shampoos that contain silicone glaze. Try Fekkai Salon Glaze Clear Shine Rinse for a home-made luster. In order to hide roots and grays you can try von Advance Techniques Grey Root Touch-Up in Brunette , a great hair care product,which works like a mascara hiding the imperfections until you wash your hair next time.